Math 221 - Linear Algebra - Fall 2023
Location: Mathematics/Psychology 103
Time: TTh 1:00pm-2:15pm

Course Information

Instructor: Dr. Matthew D. Kvalheim
Office: Math/Psych 432
Phone: 410-455-2432
Office Hours: TTh 11:45am-12:45pm
Prerequisites: Math 141, 151 or 380, with a C or better, or approval of instructor
Course Textbook: Linear Algebra and Its Applications by David C. Lay and Steven R. Lay and Judi J. McDonald, 6th edition, Pearson, 2021.
MyLab: The course will use Pearson's MyLab software, which comes with both the eText and the interactive textbook. You will access MyLab via the course's Blackboard Ultra shell.
Course Description
Linear algebra is ubiquitous in disciplines scientific and social and is a thriving discipline on its own with branches in applied science and more theoretical analysis. In this course we will begin with systems of linear equations and their solutions and then start to abstract these techniques and create a general system of vector spaces from which more general manipulations are possible. We will ground the theory in many examples.


Grading Policy
Your grade will be broken down as 45% for three in-class exams (15% each), 30% for the final exam, and 25% for homework. There will be approximately 11 weekly assignments, 2 of which may be dropped. Since you may drop up to 2 homework assignments, I will not be allowing any late homework. You are still responsible for the material on the homework even if it is not turned in. You must clear a missed exam (allowed only for exigent circumstances) with me prior to the test day. In the case of an emergency, you must be able to provide verification (e.g., a doctor's note).

Letter grades follow the traditional scale (90's are A's, 80's are B's, etc.) Participation will be to a student's benefit. Blackboard will be used to post grades.

Academic Integrity Statement
By enrolling in this course, each student assumes the responsibilities of an active participant in UMBC's scholarly community in which everyone's academic work and behavior are held to the highest standards of honesty. Cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, and helping others to commit these acts are all forms of academic dishonesty, and they are wrong. Academic misconduct could result in disciplinary action that may include, but is not limited to, suspension or dismissal. To read the full Student Academic Conduct Policy, consult the UMBC Student Handbook, the Faculty Handbook, the UMBC Integrity webpage .
Course Help
Spend 2-3 hours per credit hour in class doing the following:
Tentative Course Schedule

Day and Date Topic Homework
Thurs Aug 31 Introduction and 1.1-Systems of Linear Equations
Tues Sept 5 1.2-Row Reduction and Echelon Forms
Thurs Sept 7 1.3-Vector Equations
Tues Sept 12 1.4-The Matrix Equation Ax=b Due HW1
Thurs Sep 14 1.5-Solution Sets of Linear Systems
Due HW2
Tues Sept 19 1.7-Linear Independence
Thurs Sept 21 1.8-Introduction to Linear Transformations Due HW3:
Tues Sept 26 1.9-The Matrix of a Linear Transformation
Thurs Sept 28 2.1-Matrix Operations Due HW4
Tues Oct 3 Exam #1
Thurs Oct 5 2.2-The Inverse of a Matrix
Tues Oct 10 2.3-Characterizations of Invertible Matrices
4.1-Vector Spaces and Subspaces
Thurs Oct 12 4.2-Null Spaces, Column Spaces, and Linear Transformations Due HW5
Tues Oct 17 4.3-Linearly Independent Sets; Bases
4.4-Coordinate Systems
Thurs Oct 19 4.5-The Dimension of a Vector Space Due HW6
Tues Oct 24 3.1-Introduction to Determinants
Thurs Oct 26 3.2-Properties of Determinants Due HW7
Tues Oct 31 Exam #2
Thurs Nov 2 5.1-Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues
Tues Nov 7 5.2-Characteristic Equation
Thurs Nov 9 5.3-Diagonalization Due HW8
Tues Nov 13 6.1-Inner Product, Length, and Orthogonality
Thurs Nov 16 6.2-Orthogonal Sets Due HW9
Tues Nov 21 6.3-Orthogonal Projections
Thurs Nov 23 Thanksgiving Break
Tues Nov 28 6.5-Least Squares
Thurs Nov 30 6.6-Machine Learning and Linear Models Due HW10
Tues Dec 5 Due HW11
Thurs Dec 7 Exam #3
Tues Dec 12 Last Day of Class - RECAP
Wed Dec 13 Reading day
Tues Dec 19 FINAL EXAM 1:00-3:00pm (SHER 145)
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